DRCC re-forms as association for smart grid professionals

March 14, 2020 

The Demand Response Coordinating Committee (DRCC), a Washington, DC-based non-profit educational group, today will become the Assn for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) and will open its doors to individual members, Dan Delurey, the group's executive director, told us Friday.  “There's no place individuals who consider themselves DR and smart grid professionals can call their professional society,” Delurey told us.  “We're filling a gap.  ADS can provide a home for them and still do the kind of things the DRCC does.”

Other organizations dealing with energy efficiency, DR and smart grid are open only to organizations, as the DRCC was, Delurey said.  With the creation of the ADS, “you don't have to wait for your company to join in order to participate,” he said.  Individual ADS members will pay about $350/year in dues and will get a monthly newsletter, access to databases and the chance to take part in workgroups and on subcommittees.  ADS will also be open to organizations, as the DRCC was.
The annual “national town meeting” on DR will continue and will serve as the ADS' annual meeting, Delurey said.  This year's town meeting is in Washington, DC, July 12-14.  ADS will continue to produce the webinars formerly created by the DRCC, he said.

The DRCC formed in 2004 in response to a request by DOE and FERC, according to its web site.  Its purpose is to increase the US knowledge base on DR and to facilitate the exchange of information among DR practitioners and policymakers.

Delurey heads the Demand Response & Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG), a trade association representing DR and smart grid firms.

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