Guest Interview with Ted Reguly of San Diego Gas & Electric

    How long have you worked at
31 years

    What is your role at SDG&E?
Director – Customer Programs and Projects. I am responsible to SDG&E’s Energy Efficiency,
    Demand Response, Customer Privacy, and Customer Services Information Technology Projects.

    How long have you been involved in demand side activities?
    Since 2005 when I became involved in SDG&E’s Smart Meter efforts.

What challenges have you faced as a DR professional within your organization and within the industry?
In California, DR is moving from a system reliability program to more of a price responsive product that better aligns to the true cost of electricity, which competes in the wholesale market, and is also used to address local distribution issues.
What changes have you seen in the industry as it relates to DR and EE over the last few years?
As mentioned above for DR, moving away from programs to more time differentiated rates, and real time automation. Tighter integration between DR/EE/DG.

What do you expect to be the biggest challenge with implementing DR in the next decade?

Tying DR more to the supply side of the electric network. Developing a market for it in CA.

What advice or guidance would you give to young professionals who are considering a career in demand response and smart grid?
It is going to change significantly over the next couple of years, and it is a great time to participate in it.

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