Group of groups lays out DR communications schemes

July 8, 2020

“Tell the story from the customers' perspectives,” the National Action Plan Coalition, a group of more than a dozen energy-industry organizations, urged yesterday as it publicized a free 29-page guide outlining communications approaches and messages for entities implementing DR.  The document, titled “National action plan communications umbrella action guide -- part 1,” reviewed research and best practices for educating consumers about DR, the group said.

“It may be fair to say we have not provided compelling value propositions” for DR, acknowledged Dan Delurey, the coalition's executive director, in prepared remarks.  “With this work, we are trying to fill this gap.”

The guide exemplifies the private-sector involvement that FERC and DOE in their DR National Action Plan implementation proposal said Wednesday will be necessary to advance DR (SGT, Jul-07).

“Becoming energy-literate requires a series of conversations, not just a great commercial,” the guide advised.  “Build trust by partnering with regulators, advocates and reliable community-based organizations” rather than focusing on “beautiful production values.”

In related news, the Assn for DR & Smart Grid yesterday publicized a report summarizing the state DR and smart grid activities.  The free 116-page document, titled “Demand response & smart grid -- state legislative and regulatory policy action review: May 2010 -- June 2011,” tallies how far state policymaking in support of DR and smart grid has come in the past few years, said Delurey, who also heads this group formerly known as the Demand Response Coordinating Committee.  

Similar reports were published in December 2008 and June 2010, and since then, “things have reached or gone beyond a tipping point, where DR and smart grid are on almost every state's agenda,” Delurey said.

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