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ADS Mass Markets Committee


Purpose: The status of DR in the residential/small commercial (mass market) sector has often taken a back seat to larger facility (C&I) customers; the committee will characterize the opportunities, barriers, and strategies to increase penetration of DR in the residential/small commercial sector by focusing on the following issues:
  • Level and extent of Mass Market DR
  • Barriers to more extensive deployment
  • Value proposition and cost effectiveness
  • Integration with energy efficiency, distributed generation, demand response, etc.
  • Technology options
  • The role and importance of meaningful of customer engagement and behavioral change
  • Smart Meter deployment
  • Operational strategies, such as automation vs. behavior modification
  • ISO rules and involvement in residential DR
  • The role and importance of variable pricing

Possible Activities:

  • Survey ADS Membership
  • Prepare summary of survey findings
  • Write an article for the ADS newsletter
  • Develop and solicit speakers for a webinar
  • Work with ADS staff on speakers for upcoming events
  • Create an annual committee report


Chair and Board Representative – Steve Cowell (Conservation Services Group)
Andy Baynes (Nest)
K.C. Boyce (Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative)
Isabelle Gecils (Opinion Dynamics)
Dave Hanna (Itron)
Matt Kromer (Clean Energy Solutions)
Sam Milton (Conservation Services Group)
Nick Payton (Opower)
Lindsey Puchyr (PJM)
Cindy Sargent (brainspur)
Judith Schwartz (To the Point)
Rob Schroeder (Corix Utilities)
Mike Sherman (Navigant)
Sunil Singhal (Symphony Teleca Corp)


If you are interested in joining the Mass Markets Committee, please contact Sam Milton.

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