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Smart grid awards honor utilities for excellence in communications

Fierce Smart Grid
July 3, 2020

By Barbara Vergetis Lundin

"Good communications and education efforts on DR and smart grid are essential to the growth of these new areas," said Dan Delurey, ADS Executive Director. "In creating the 'Griddie' Awards, we want to give visibility to creative professionals who are telling the story of the smart grid, and the reasons why consumers, policymakers, and stakeholders should accept it and participate in it via programs and products."

The winners are:

  • In the Inspirational Narrative Category, Reliant Energy Creative Services in collaboration with Schematic, for Digs: Mega Watt, a spoof of a "crib tour" given by an energy conscious hip-hop artist.
  • In the Customer Stories Category, Meet Our Neighbors, a video by Arrowhead Films on behalf of Pecan Street Inc. of Texas that introduces people to residents of the Mueller neighborhood who are making the ground-breaking Pecan Street project possible.
  • In the Integrated Campaign Category, the City of Philadelphia, for Emergency Energy Reduction Events, an email, web-page, and print-on-demand poster campaign to persuade local municipal office workers and museum personnel to curtail their energy use during peak energy demand response events.
  • In the Tools and Apps Category, Reliant Energy Creative Services in collaboration with Schematic, for Ask Jack, an interactive animated electrical socket that tests viewers' knowledge of smart energy practices and rewards or punishes the respondent with funny video vignettes.

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